Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Configuration steps to start the Workflow Notification mailer in Test environments


At times, there is a need to receive the notification emails that are sent through the Oracle workflow mailer in Development and Test environments. However, these emails should not go to the mailboxes of the users of the system. Instead, they should be redirected to a common mailbox. This blog article is a step by step guide to configure the workflow mailer for the above objective.

Important Note: These steps should NEVER be performed in the production environment.


Part 1 - Configure the mail server and email sender

1)      Login using ‘SYSADMIN user and go to responsibility  ‘Workflow Administrator Web Application’ > Workflow Manager

2)     You will see Notification mailer is Down

3) Click on ‘Down’.You will find the below window.

4) To Configure Workflow Mailer, press on Edit button

5) You will find the below window

6) Set the Server Name to your Email /SMTP server. Set the ‘Reply-To-Address’ to ‘’.

7) Click on button 'Advanced'

8) Press 'Next'

9) Press 'Next'

10) Press 'Next'

11)   Update from field to ‘Workflow Mailer <Name of the Test Environment>’ for e.g. “Workflow Mailer DEV”

Part 2 - Configure the override address

Override address is the address where all the emails will redirected. This can be configured from front end also. However following are the steps to set it up from back end.

1)      Run the below sql statement

    select fscpv.parameter_value
      from fnd_svc_comp_params_tl fscpt
          ,fnd_svc_comp_param_vals fscpv
     where fscpt.display_name = 'Test Address' 
                     and fscpt.parameter_id = fscpv.parameter_id;

2) The result should be ‘NONE’

3) Now run the below sql update statement and commit

UPDATE fnd_svc_comp_param_vals fscpv 
  SET fscpv.PARAMETER_VALUE = '' --( put the email address to which all emails will be redirected)
WHERE fscpv.parameter_id 
(SELECT fscpt.parameter_id
  FROM fnd_svc_comp_params_tl fscpt
 WHERE fscpt.display_name = 'Test Address');

4) Now run the SQL in Step 1 to verify that the email address has been set as required.

5) Now start the workflow mailer by going to ‘Workflow Administrator Web Application’ > Workflow Manager.   You will see Notification mailer is Down. Click on 'Down'. On next page '1)      Select ‘Start’ from drop down list and Press on Go button.

6) After the above step the workflow notification mailer should start and the status should be 'Running'.

Part 3 - Test the setup

1) Click on 'Workflow Notification Mailer'.

2)  Click on ‘Test Mailer’

3) Select a valid user for which email address has been setup and click 'Accept' button.

Two test emails should be sent to the email address that you have setup in the Part 2 (step 3). The emails should not be sent to the actual email address that is set for the user that you have selected.

This completes the steps needed to redirect emails on your test or development environment. Enjoy!!

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