Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to enable Workflow ‘Notifications Search’ in Oracle Apps R12

How to enable ‘Notifications Search’ in Oracle Apps R12
The workflow notifications search functionality is not enabled by default in R12. You need to assign the corresponding search function as described below.
Step 1
Identify the menu attached to the responsibility in which you want to provide the notification search functionality.
Make an entry in the menu with prompt ‘Notifications Search’ and function ‘Workflow Notification Search’

Step 2
Assign the role ‘WF_ADMIN_ROLE’ either individually to the users or to the responsibility. This can be using the ‘Users Management’ responsibility. Search for the User to which you want to assign the role and then click the ‘Update’ icon.

Step 3
On the next page, click ‘Assign Roles’ and assign the role ‘Workflow Admin Role’ to the user.

Step 4
Now when the user logs in to applications, the Notification Search will be visible.

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