Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oracle iProcurement : Realms

In Oracle iProcurement, Realms can be used to control access to punchout catalogs(/stores) to different responsibilities or users. This helps in limiting the access to catalogs for users from different departments. So for e.g. if your company policy limits the purchasing of computer hardware to the Information Technology (IT) department. To adhere to this policy and restrict certain users from ordering these types of items the Realms feature can be used.
To use this the following steps need to be followed.
    1. Create the realm. (Log in to Oracle Purchasing and use the following navigation path to open the Realms window: Setup > E-Catalog Admin > Realms)
    2. Assign the realm to a responsibility. (Login to System Administrator responsibility. Open the Responsibilities window using the following navigation path:Security > Responsibility > Define. Open the         Securing Attributes tab and do the necessary setup).
For detailed steps refer Chapter number 2 - Buyer Setup in the Oracle iProcurement user guide ( provided by Oracle.

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